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2024 Jun 15
Saturday, Day 167

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Film Snippets from 1966

Late 1966 following the Plesetsk Story having broken, a series of short film sequences was made by a news crew at the School. It would have been created to provide images to accompany TV news stories. The organisation that created it is not known but the recording resides in the British Pathé archive.

Science Block Kettering Grammar SchoolFilmed inside Physics Laboratory A, the footage can be viewed here. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

The film shows pupil members of the tracking Group pretending to operating tracking equipment, being presided over by Geoff Perry and John Marshall. Pupils include David Hall, Arthur York, Richard Jahn and Graham Coleman.

One notable item on view is Geoff Perry's plot, drawn on polar co-ordinate graph paper, that shows the Rev 0 ground tracks of Cosmos 112 and Cosmos 129. Where they cross is the location of Plesetsk.

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