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2024 May 20
Monday, Day 141

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Soyuz & Salyut - article by Geoff Perry

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Archive Film from 1977

During October 1977 the School was visited by a film team. Geof Perry and pupils were filmed listening to recordings of radio transmissions, operating the equipment and with Geoff giving explanations of what was going on.

Science Block Kettering Grammar SchoolThe reason for the filming is not documented but it is credited to Reuters and resides in the British Pathé archive.The film is a series of snippets and sound bites designed to be spliced into news or current affairs reports. Filmed inside Physics Laboratory A, the footage can be viewed here. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

In this picture of the school's science building, taken from the Windmill Avenue side, 'Physics A' is at bottom right. It is the room with its lights on.

If you are one of the schoolboys in the film, or can identify any of them, please feel free to use the email at the top of the page to pass on any information you might have.

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