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The Kettering Group

Tyneside, UK
2024 Jul 24
Wednesday, Day 206

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The Group’s First Major TV Appearance

During March of 1966 the School was visited by a reporting team from the Birmingham-based local TV programme "ATV Today".

ATV Today - Geoff Perry, Derek Slater, Richard Jahn, Mike Sinnett, David Hall Members of the Group were filmed together with some of the tracking equipment. The footage, can be watched here. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

Lionel Hampden, the reporter, speaks to Geoff Perry, Derek Slater, Richard Jahn, Mike Sinnett and David Hall.

Note the signal generator and oscillope displaying a Lissajous Figure. They were part of of the physics lab day to day equipment and were not generally used in satellite tracking but they do add an air of activity to the views.

Next to the oscilloscope can be seen a globe encircled by a ring of copper wire to represent an orbit. It was used as a analog computer to envision satellite ground tracks. The image above is taken from the BFI film.

orbit view - analog computerFifty years later, almost to the day, the Globe was once again in the hands of Kettering Group members.

In the picture on the left, Geoff Perry's daughter, Isabel Carmichael (its original owner) and Bob Christy, explain to onlookers how it was used.

The photograph was taken at the opening of the Kettering Group exhibit at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK in March, 2016.

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