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2024 Jul 24
Wednesday, Day 206

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Soyuz & Salyut - article by Geoff Perry

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BBC Panorama 1968 - "The Seventh Continent"

Prior to the Christmas 1968 Apollo 8 mission to the Moon, the BBC current affairs programme "Panorama" that went out on December 16 interviewed NASA acting Administrator Dr Thomas O Paine. Instead of a straightforward face-to-face session with the reporter, Michael Charlton, the questions were put by pupils of Kettering Grammar School.

The interview was created by the questions and answers being relayed between the School's Lecture Theatre and a Washington studio by a voice link. Camera crews filmed each side separately for later editing into a seamless trans-Atlantic production.

The title of the report is slightly puzzling in that the Earth already had seven continents at the time it was made. Did someone at the BBC drop a clanger?

This contact sheet was created by John Marshall, one of the teachers at the School, from screen shots of the finished programme. It has suffered a little in 40+ years having been on display, unframed, in Bob Christy's parents' house. People discernable in the photos are listed below the image. The time sequence runs left-right and bottom-top.

NOTE - Dr Paine succeeded James Webb in 1968 and was named acting NASA Administrator. The Senate confirmed his permanency during 1969.

Panorama contact sheet

11Graham Coleman
2Derek Slater, Geoff Perry, Russell Gladden (teachers) and Vic Rowe
3Chris Gregory
6Astronauts Frank Borman, Bill Anders, Jim Lovell
21NASA Adminstrator Dr Thomas O Paine, BBC reporter Michael Charlton
2Toby Manning
3Toby Manning
4Brian Dix
5Bob Christy
6Chris Gregory
31Arthur York
2Dr Thomas O Paine, Michael Charlton
3the question panel
4Mick Boughton
5Mick Boughton
6Dr Thomas O Paine
41Dr Wernher von Braun
2Michael Charlton
4Dr Thomas O Paine, unidentified
5Dr Thomas O Paine
6unidentified, Arthur York
51Jim Lovell
2Frank Borman
3James Mossman (BBC journalist)
4Dr Thomas O Paine
6Dr Wernher von Braun
61Dr Wernher von Braun
4Bill Anders
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