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Tyneside, UK
2024 Feb 28
Wednesday, Day 59

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Omid Transmission Mode 4

A further Omid transmission mode appeared February 19. It was possibly an indication either that Omid was finally running out of power, or suffering the temperatures experienced by being in orbit.

The transmission consisted of a carrier starting up and then dropping out after a few seconds.

The first report came from Armando Mercado of Michigan in the USA when he noted it on an early evening pass UTC. It was not particularly obvious at the time that it emanated from Omid. However, it was present while Omid was above the horizon and disappeared at the correct time. Continued listening for some time afterwards did not result in it being heard again.

On February 20, a station in the UK reported a similar signal during a pass at an unspecified time in the morning (UTC). It was reportedly very weak and was not detected by other European stations.

The signal pattern was as described by Armando Mercado the day before. A spectrum display showed that when the carrier kicked-in it was well above 465.0 MHz and dropped very rapidly down to the frequency before switching off a few seconds later. This 'introductory event' was very similar to that displayed by a Mode 3 transmission.

No further transmissions were detected after February 20.
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