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Omid - Iranian Hope in Space

Tyneside, UK
2022 Aug 15
Monday, Day 227

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Tracking Omid
Omid Transmission Mode 2

The second transmission to be logged from Omid, 2009 Feb3, was in this format.

The signal structure shows it to be carrying data. The data is in a readable format and it was reported to included a message to the world from the people of Iran.


The inclination of Omid's orbit is such that the satellite has two daily periods of visibility from the middle east. In the period February 3 to February 7, Omid was observed to transmit on two consecutive passes in each of these windows. The first transmission of the pair was in Mode 1, the second in Mode 2.

Attempts to observe Omid from Hawaii between the Mode 1 and Mode 2 passes above Iran drew a blank, indicating that Omid was switched off between them.
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