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North Korea

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2024 Feb 28
Wednesday, Day 59

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"Facts" About the Kwangmyongsong 3 Launch

Political rhetoric involving North Korea often amounts to hurling insults in the absence of reasonable comment. This is not to say that that North Korea doesn't deserve it but the 'spin' and bile emanating from some countries' national presses and the governments can bring a wry smile to the face.

Ten factoids

These words tend to say more about their originators than anything else and seome can be applied just as easily to satellite launches from the major space powers:

"Unha 3 is a rickety rocket.... with a dodgy guidance system.... standing unsteadily on a launch pad.... in North Korea's 'retro' rocket lair" - UK Daily Mirror, 2012 Apr 9

"We know it’s cheaper to use Google Earth to achieve their stated professional purpose" - South Korea government spokesman, Wall Street Journal, 2012 Dec 16

"B2117/12 - "TEMPO AIRSPACE RESTRICTION DECLARED DUE TO SATELLITE LAUNCHING THAT WILL FALL WI THE AREA BOUNDED BY......" - straightforward reporting from Manila (Philippines) Air Traffic Control Centre, 2012 Dec 5

"A1695/12 - "TEMPO PROHIBITED AREA ACT DUE TO MISSILE LAUNCHING BY DPRK: AREA BOUNDED BY......" - the version from Incheon (South Korea) Air Traffic Control Centre, 2012 Dec 5

"Space experts in the US were said to be seriously concerned its unstable trajectory could result in a crash landing on Earth, possibly putting people’s lives in danger" - UK Daily Mail, 2012 Dec 13

"Their guidance systems must be using Apple Maps" - Gizmodo, 2012 Dec

"North Korea just ‘punked’ the USA.... they have something in orbit – call it a satellite for all we know. Of course, their words mean nothing, and even when they talk we cannot read them....." - Stand Up America, 2012 Dec 12

"North Korea may have successfully launched a satellite into orbit..... but it might as well have deployed a pile of scrap metal, US-based astroboffins say" - The Register, 2012 Dec 17

"Now in orbit, though, that satellite doesn't appear to be capable of doing... well, much of anything" - Huffington Post 2012 Dec 12

"Kwangmyongsong 3.... a dishwasher wrapped in tinfoil" - New York Times, 2012 Dec 12

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