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2024 May 20
Monday, Day 141

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Zvezda Arrives

No major activities took place 2000 May - July. This section of the diary covers 2000 July to 2000 October. The third large module of the International Space Station finds its way into space and links up with Zarya, Shuttle crews continue to build on to the station by adding the Z-1 Truss and PMA-3 docking adaptor to Unity.

Date Time (UTC) Event
2000 May 16 NASA agrees to postpone a launch attempt of Shuttle Atlantis to the ISS planned for 10:38 on 18 May because of a delayed launch attempt of an Atlas III rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
2000 May 19 10:11 Space Shuttle Atlantis launched from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center on mission STS-101. Crew consists of Commander Col James D Halsell, USAF (commander), Col Scott J Horowit,z USAF (pilot), and mission specialists Col Susan J Helms, USAF, Yuri Usachev (Russia), retired Col James S Voss, USA, Mary Ellen Weber, Lt-Col Jeffrey Williams, USA
2000 May 21 04:31 Atlantis docks with the PMA-2 docking adaptor on the Unity Module of the International Space Station while passing over the Ukraine and within range of Russian tracking stations - orbit is 332 x 341 kilometres at 51.6 degrees inclination
2000 May 22 01:48 Voss and Williams open Atlantis hatch to start a space walk to secure the US Orbital Transfer Device (OTD) crane to be used to transfer astronauts around the outside of the ISS - it had become loose from its mounting on Unity following initial installation by astronauts Jernigan and Barry during Discovery STS-96 mission one year previously. They complete assembly of the Russian trela' crane (similar to one on Mir) on the outside of Zarya by adding a further section, install further handholds on the outside of the station, replace a faulty radio antenna on Unity and take photographs of the station exterior surface
2000 May 22 08:32 Voss and Williams seal Atlantis hatch at the end of the space walk.
2000 May 23 00:03 The hatch into Unity is opened and the crew of Atlantis begins work inside the station to replace four of the six batteries in the Zarya module, install additional fans and ducting for air circulation, and to unload supplies from Atlantis Spacehab module
2000 May 24 00:02 Atlantis begins an approximately one hour programme of firing its Reaction Control System (RCS) to raise the orbit of the ISS - 27 firings of 130 seconds duration each
2000 May 25 01:16 Atlantis begins a second one hour programme of firing its Reaction Control System (RCS) to raise the orbit of the ISS , using a similar firing pattern to the first session
2000 May 25 23:36 Atlantis begins a third one hour programme of firing its Reaction Control System (RCS) to raise the orbit of the ISS , using a similar firing pattern to the earlier sessions - orbit is now 372 x 380 kilometres at 51.6 degrees inclination
2000 May 26 08:08 The crew closes the hatch between Atlantis and Unity
2000 May 26 23:03 Atlantis undocks from the International Space Station and begins a fly-around to photograph and inspect the exterior of the ISS
2000 May 26 23:44 Atlantis fires its RCS and moves away from the ISS
2000 May 29 05:12 Atlantis fires its OMS engines to initiate re-entry
2000 May 29 06:20 Atlantis lands on the Kennedy Space Center runway
2000 May 29 06:21 Wheel stop - Atlantis mission is completed
2000 Jul 8 Proton rocket carrying the Zvezda space station module moved Launch Complex 23 at the Baikonur cosmodrome
2000 Jul 12 04:56 Zvezda launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome Launch Complex 23 by Proton rocket into 179 x 332 kilometre orbit at 51.6 degrees inclination - ISS orbit is 363 x 370 kilometers
2000 Jul 14 Zvezda orbit raised to 288 x 357 kilometers
2000 Jul 18 ISS orbit raised to 367 x 373 kilometres
2000 Jul 26 00:45 Zvezda docks with the aft port of the ISS Zarya module - orbit is 364 x 371 kilometres at 51.6 degrees inclination - the ISS now consists of three modules, Zvezda , Zarya and Unity
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