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2024 Jul 24
Wednesday, Day 206

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Dr Stuart Eves

Stuart Eves joined SSTL in January 2004 as principal engineer for military systems, having spent more than 16 years working in various space-related jobs for the UK MoD. Stuart's experience covers both communication and surveillance satellites, in a research capacity and as part of the UK's Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS), the latter role including a two year posting in the USA. He writes:

Though I was aware of the group earlier, (through Andy Sims), I didn't start interacting with it until late 1990, when I joined the MOD's Defence Intelligence Staff. I gradually got to know Geoff very well, to the point that by about 1997 we we're speaking on the telephone on a daily basis, and I continued to correspond with him regularly via e-mail after I left the DIS, until his death in 2000.

I'm not sure why, but at his funeral I came to undertsand that Geoff had accorded me a degree of "access" that he hadn't always offered to other folks - I'd made several visits to his house in Bude, (whereas I'm told he more usually met people at the hotel in the town). I was touched that the family invited me to be one of the "ushers" at his funeral, and consider it an honour that I was able to do this for a man I respected so highly.
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