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The Kettering Group

Tyneside, UK
2024 Jul 24
Wednesday, Day 206

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Andrew Sims

I was in the group from about 1979 to 1983 when I left for university. My 'project' was to study the orbital dynamics of Molniya TV and communication satellites from NASA 2-line elements, and predict when replacements were due (from their degree of drift off-station).

The group (and of course Geoff) influenced my choice of career. After studying physics at university I started work at (then) RAE Farnborough in the Space Dept and stayed for almost 10 years. I mostly worked in the area of space radiation and electrostatic effects on spacecraft systems, and also on-board software for instruments and small satellites (I was heavily involved in STRV-1a and -1b). Stuart Eves and I started work at Farnborough on the same day in 1986.

Since 1996 I have worked for the NHS in Newcastle upon Tyne as a medical physicist. I was asked to write a chapter on Geoff and the Kettering group for the book published in about 1995 commemorating the Kettering Grammar School.
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