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Starlink 2021 mid-Feb


Early 2021, SpaceX had two Starlink launches on the horizon. Delays due to weather and technical issues pushed the two dates close together and, at one point, they were only one day apart. Then, February 12, two navigation warnings for disposal of the Falcon 9 upper stages were issued that indicated one launch on February 12 or 13 and another on February 16 or 17.

Using the precise launch date/time, information from the map can be used to determine actual times of events on the day.

The warning for February 12/13 was out of date when it was published. Weather considerations had already pushed the launch to February 14 as evidenced by the companion navigation warning issued for the North Atlantic, near Florida.

Weather continues to take its toll and the current operational plan is:
Feb 16, 03:59 UTC - Cape Canaveral, LC-40

SpaceX has not indicated that any firm preparations are under way for the second launch so it has probably slipped later. The time moves 21-22 minutes earlier each day in order to meet the target orbit plane:
Feb 16, 06:17 UTC - Kennedy SC, LC-39A

Navigation warnings courtesy of John Locker.

Indian Ocean Navigation Warning - Cape Canaveral Launch

Intian Ocean Navigation Warning - Kennedy Space Center Launch

Atlantic Ocean Navigation Warning - Cape Canaveral Launch

Atlantic Ocean Navigation Warning - Kennedy Space Center Launch

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