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Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5

Tyneside, UK
2024 Jul 24
Wednesday, Day 206

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Voice Communication Extract During Docking

This is reported to be a verbatim transcript of the moment Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 docked. Those in the know will be aware that the language may have been a little more colourful than is potrayed here.

Shatalov: All normal. Distance 40 metres. Speed about zero. Approach continued.

Zarya: Roger, follow you.

Volynov: Roger, "Amur",... "Zarya", "Zarya" this is 'Baikal". Reading you well. Distance forty. Control excellent. Don't know why "docking" is switched off and "contact" is illuminated.

Zarya: All correct. As should be.

Shatalov: May I start docking?

Zarya: Docking permitted... This is "Zarya". When possible report briefly what you are doing.

Shatalov: Roger. Got "Baikal" on the screen. Speed 0.25, distance 30. All normal.

Shatalov: Distance 25, Speed 0.25.

Zarya: All right.

Shatalov: Distance 20, speed 0.25.

Zarya: See you well.

Shatalov: Distance 10, speed 0.25.

Zarya: Excellent, all goes well.

Volynov: Excellent, all is excellent. Waiting for contact.

Shatalov: Approach. All normal. Contact. Link-up. Docking.

Zarya: You are well observed, each detail. All excellent. Right "home"

Shatalov: We are turning.

Zarya: All normal. Wait for stabilisation.

Shatalov: Spacecraft match.

Volynov: Welcome.

Shatalov: Welcome "Baikal".

Zarya: Spacecraft are matched, just as they should be.

Volynov: Inscription seen. Quite clearly.

Shatalov: Excellent picture... Communication finished?

Zarya: Not yet.

Volynov: We even see the inscription, clearly. The picture is very sharp. Very good.

Shatalov: My picture is pretty good, too. TV indexes, the screen are seen well. Something glitters near them.

Volynov: I read you well, "Amur".

Zarya: The spacecraft are matched. No bank. We see you, read you. Everyone here congratulates you on your success.
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